Quick, flexible and high-quality construction of commercial buildings – general contractor

The construction and renovation of commercial buildings is what we do best!

Do you need a new commercial building or are you thinking of renovating a commercial space? If so, make sure your general contracor offers not only the best qualifications and price-quality ratio, but also that they are well known for sticking to their promises.

The way CR Construction operates is based on those three principles. Our loyal clients also consider one of our greatest strengths to be that we make the most of our experience to flexibly contribute to the success of the entire undertaking, not just our part in the process as defined by the contract.

We really do boast a lot of experience in the construction of commercial buildings as the main contractor. It is for this reason that we can offer a wide range of solutions to meet the specific needs of your company. We can also take on the administration and maintenance of already completed buildings.

We are here for you from the start and are with you at every point thereafter!

The construction or renovation of a commercial building can take months, but the business that people will be doing in it is likely to be measured in years, or even decades.

This is something we take into account on every project. Our construction team is here to help you even before they start working on the building. We champion your interests throughout: from the design phase, through the construction or renovation stage itself and afterwards as well – if, for example, you want to add anything or have some maintenance work carried out. So in addition to the two-year warranty that comes with all of our work, you enjoy the reassurance that you have a professional administration and maintenance partner you can turn to at any time.

That way you can concentrate on your own work, and not only while we are busy working on the building, but also after it has been completed.

The quote we give you is based on size calculations made according to the architectural plans. In this regard we are guided by the principle that penny-pinching saves you nothing in the end: it is our knowledge and experience that will ultimately produce decent savings for you. We plan nothing for the construction or renovation process that is unnecessary – not a single action, not a single item. The price we offer you will be as much or as little as is needed to meet your expectations (and of course to ensure that all standards are adhered to).

Contracting work on the construction of commercial buildings

If you have taken the decision to construct or renovate a commercial building or business premises, get in touch with us as early in the process as possible. The consultation we offer ahead of a project includes analysing your needs and wishes and providing you with information on what you should take into account – both technically and financially – in planning the construction of your building and commissioning a project for it.

You can leave all of the construction stages that follow the design phase to us.

  • We start by preparing the site: we mark out the locations of the building itself and all of the utilities that come with it and lay pipes and cables in the ground
  • We then lay the foundations
  • At the same time as working on the shell of the building we install its suspended ceilings, using concrete, ceiling elements, timber framework or hollow panels depending on the design
  • We also take on all of the roofing work on the building: we install the required structures (rafters, trusses and beams), insulation and covering materials and rainwater systems
  • Then we complete the facade
  • We construct wind barriers and install windows and external doors
  • We also construct the building’s water and sewerage system
  • We set up all electricity and communications installations, heating equipment (whether ground, gas, air-water thermal pump or central heating), air-conditioning and ventilation devices
  • We establish the smart building solution that will manage the building’s technical systems
  • We then carry out interior finishing and install internal doors and furniture
  • Finally, we make sure that all construction-related paperwork is in order
  • In the case of renovations, you can also entrust us with any demolition work that is required prior to construction

Take a look at some of our greatest achievements in recent years

We have amassed quite a lot of experience in the field of construction and our portfolio features a wide range of projects.

For example, we completed two new Cinamon cinemas in 2018, one of them at T1 Mall of Tallinn and the other at the Redi Centre in Finland. We have also renovated the Cinamon complex at the Tasku Centre in Tartu. Last year also saw construction completed on two cafés.

Early this year we were involved in a major project in the European Union building in Tallinn, where we undertook all of the renovations required on the 6th floor – starting from demolition work and going all the way through to the installation of furniture. The EU Parliament centre is also nearing completion: another project we have served as the main contractors on from start to finish. This year we have also completed the Cinamon multiplex at the Alfa Centre in Rīga, while our last major project for 2019 will see us complete the Tripla Cinamon cinema at the Pasila Centre in Finland.